The HARUSPEX Group LLC                                                                    
we look inside ... to improve the future

Services On-Demand

The Haruspex Group LLC is an international team of qualified executives available on-demand to business . Team members have directed major satellite imaging programs, the largest airborne mapping programs in the USA and Europe, developed and implemented ISO compliant quality management process and procedures, created agile software development processes, driven creative sales and marketing programs and launched new products for markets based on scalable, recurring revenue models.

Executive Coaching and Management Support
All Team member have extensive, direct, executive level experience in the Geomatics/ Geospatial/Remote Sensing profession.  We have "seen it all" and provide executive and management coaching based on this experience.

Corporate and Product Strategy
Innovative disruptive forces can change the strategic landscape. We are experienced in disruptive innovation and launching products into new markets. We can help identify or create novel growth opportunities as key growth levers.

Product Development Review and Assessment
Business concept >> Qualify & Plan >> Develop >> Launch >> Sunset
Haruspex provides proven processes, procedures and training for market assessment, product creation and successful product life cycle geared to the unique requirements of the  marketplace.

Quality Management Support, Implementation and Review
The Haruspex Team has developed ISO compliant processes and systems that can improve throughput, reduce re-work and enhance efficiency through effective quality management.
Data Acquisition, Processing and Production Assessment
Haruspex members have participated in the collection, processing and production of over 15 million square kilometers of aerial photography, lidar, airborne radar and line scanner data. We have developed many software tools, processes and procedures to improve efficiency and reduce costs. 

Sales and Marketing Assessment and Support
The Haruspex Team has created, developed and managed successful sales and marketing teams. We help create dynamic sales strategies and implement detailed plans that empower successful sales teams.






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